Welcome to GDA Studios Abercarn

As part of the school’s ICT provision, we have access to a state of the art Tv Studio. Our Tv Studio is an excellent vehicle for developing skills in a fun and up to date way, used as part of the creative curriculum as well as part of a dedicated TV Production team and we broadcast our own live shows.

Some of the many benefits are;

  • Improve speaking listening skills.

  • Develops working together and problem solving.

  • Engages learners with 21st century ICT skills.

  • Builds live show broadcasting.

  • Develops literacy skills.

  • Develops confidence.

  • Provides a greater, real world context, to work by providing the children with a wider audience, beyond their own classroom walls.

Pupils from all year groups, have the opportunity to work as part of a TV Production team, that works together to broadcast TV shows throughout the school. These shows include topical conversation, school news and current events, interviews and more.

Broadcasts will appear live online (on our youtube channel www.youtube.com/AbercarnSchool)


Contact enquiries@gdastudios.com to get more information GDA Studios